Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council group photo

Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council

The Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council is an outgrowth of 15 years of research and engagement that included the IU Foundation’s Bloomington Colloquium for Women, founded in 1995 by former First Lady Peg Zeglin Brand, and several women members of the IU Foundation Board.

In addition to other major philanthropic and volunteer commitments at IU, Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council members pledge $15,000 per three-year term to support areas of their choice at the university. A portion of gifts may be directed to the WPLC Fund by council members to support special projects on IU’s eight campuses. In 2014, the Indiana University Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Council (WPLC) awarded grants totaling more than $100,000 to nine organizations affiliated with six of the university’s campuses.

For more information, contact Michele Boillotat, director of Women's Philanthropy at IU at 812-855-1422 or mboillot@iu.edu or visit the Women's Philanthropy Website